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Terms and Conditions Qveam  Incorporated


Terms and Conditions Internet business advertising site tourism and recreation.

These terms and Conditions will be used by Qveam in relation to the services provided, with the exception of financial

Services, as meant in the Financial Market Law and as far as these services are under the supervision of the

Financial Markets’ Authority.



Section 1 – Definitions

Section 2 – Identity of the Business owner

Section 3 – Application

Section 4 – The offer

Section 5 – The agreement

Section 6 – Rates

Section 7 – Compliance and extended warranty

Section 8 – Fulfillment and execution

Section 9 – Additional or varying provisions

Section 10 – Intellectual property

Section 11 - Miscellaneous


Section 1 – Definitions:

In these Terms and Conditions are considered:

1. Qveam and advertiser agree to a price for a defined period of time.

Advertiser may use the site, property of Qveam, after fulfillment of the obligation towards Qveam.

Advertiser may use the site, property of Qveam, at every location.

Advertisers with more than one location pays explicitly per location.

Qveam does not charge the advertiser or the consumer any provisions or subsequent calculation, after booking

via the Qveam site.

Bookings and payments will occur solely between the advertiser and consumer.

Qveam is, therefore, not liable in any disputes between consumer and advertiser.

2. Supplementary agreement: An agreement where the consumer buys products, digital content, and/or services in

connected to a distance selling agreement and these products, digital content and/or services are fulfilled by the

business owner or a third party on behalf of the business owner;

3. Consumer: A natural person who may or may not operate from a business perspective;

4. Day: calendar day;

5. Digital Content: Data which is produced and distributed in digital form;

6. Sustainable medium: every device – including e-mail – which provides the business owner or the consumer

means to store and use information, which is provided to him personally, during a period tailored to the purpose of

the information and which makes a perfect reproduction possible.

7. Business owner: The natural person or legal entity which provides (access to) products, digital content and/or

services at a distance to the consumer;

8. Distance selling agreement: An agreement between the business owner and/or a third party and the consumer

to the framework of an organized system for digital content or services, whereto until the closing of an agreement

one or more technologies for distance communication are used exclusively or partially.

9. Technology for distance communication: a medium which can be used for the closing of an agreement without

the need of the consumer and business owner to be in the same room.


Section 2 – Identity of the business owner:

Name business owner: Qveam

Office address: Robert Kochstraat 20, 7316 HD APELDOORN

Visiting address: Robert Kochstraat 20, 7316 HD APELDOORN

Phone number: +31 (0)6497 75 972/ +31 (0)6220 05 525 on business days from 09.00 AM to 6.00 PM

Email address:

Internet address:

Chamber of Commerce number: 63581310

VAT number: NL 85 53002 79 BO1


Section 3 – Applicability:

1. These terms and conditions are applied to every offer from the business owner and to every agreement between

third parties (advertisers) and consumer.

2. Prior to closing the distance selling agreement, these terms and conditions are provided to the consumer.

When this is reasonably impossible, the business owner will provide the consumer instructions prior to closing the

distance selling agreement on how to obtain the terms and conditions and offer to send the terms and conditions

without costs for the consumer.

3. In case the agreement is closed at a distance electronically, the previous paragraph may be diverted by

sending the text of these terms and conditions electronically in such a way that the consumer can easily store it

on a sustainable medium, prior to closing the agreement. When this is reasonably impossible, the business owner

will provide the consumer instructions prior to closing the distance selling agreement on how to obtain the terms

and conditions and offer to send the terms and conditions without costs for the consumer.

4. The business owner is not liable for money transactions fulfilled directly to third parties by the consumer on the

site of the business owner.

5. The business owner is not liable for the transaction of services derived from the site of the business owner

between the advertiser and the consumer.


Section 4 – The offer:

1. In case an offer is limited by time or other terms, this will be explicitly stated, this is the responsibility of the


2. The offer contains a full and accurate description of the offered products, digital content and or services. The

description contains enough details for the consumer to be able to judge the offer appropriately. If the business

owner uses images, these images are a faithful representation of the offered products, digital content and/or

services. Obvious mistakes or errors in the offer are not binding to the business owner.

3. Each offer contains such information that it is clear to the consumer what rights and obligations are attached to

accepting the offer.


Section 5 – The agreement:

1. The agreement is established at the moment the consumer accepts the offer and meets the conditions of the


2. When the consumer has accepted the offer electronically, the advertiser will immediately electronically confirm

the receipt of acceptance of the offer. Until the receipt of this acceptance has not been confirmed by the advertiser,

the consumer may disband the agreement.

3. If the agreement is established electronically, the advertiser must take appropriate technical and organizational

measures to protect the electronic transfer of data and he will ensure a secure web environment. If the consumer

is offered to pay electronically, the advertiser will take appropriate security measures.

4. The business owner, as well as the advertiser can within the law, inform themselves whether the consumer can

meet the payment obligations, and all other facts and factors that are important to responsible engage in a

distance selling agreement. When one of the parties has sound reasons on the basis of this investigation to

withheld from this agreement, he is lawfully entitled to refuse an application or to include special conditions for the


5. The advertiser will due on delivery of the product, digital content and/or service provide the consumer with the

following information in such a way that it can be stored easily by the consumer on a sustainable medium:

a. the information about warranties and existing after sale services;

b. the price of the product, digital content and/or products including all taxes; if applicable, the costs for delivery;

the payment method; and the method of fulfillment of the distance selling agreement.

6. Obligations for the business owner and advertiser:

a. The business owner offers the advertiser an agreement for a period of 1,2  or 3 years;

b. After payment to Qveam, the advertiser has the right and obligation to publish his product truthfully on

Qveam’s site.

c. The business owner is obligated after the agreement and payment are completed by the advertiser, to offer

access to the site of the business owner as meant in the agreement.

d. The business owner won't charge automatically. A month prior to the end of the period of the agreement, the

advertiser will be notified in writing by the business owner. The business owner offers the advertiser an

opportunity for a new agreement.

e. The business owner reserves the right to withhold or remove the advertiser based on reasons which could lead

to criminal investigation or prosecution according to Dutch law.


Section 6 – The price:

1. During the period of the offer, the price of the offered products and/or services will be debited towards the

advertiser, barring changes in price as a consequence of VAT rates.

2. In derogation of previous section, the advertiser may offer products or services which are bound to changes on

the financial markets and on which the advertiser has no influence, to variable prizes. The fact that the prices are

bound to these changes and that the prices are indicative, will be mentioned in the offer.

3. The prices mentioned in the offer of products or services, are subject to VAT.


Section 7 – Agreement and extended warranty compliance:

1. An extended warranty as advertised by the business owner, never limits the rights and claims which the

consumer can demand based on the agreement with the business owner when the business owner fails to

comply its part of the agreement.

2. Additional guarantee means any commitment by the business owner and his advertiser, which gives the

consumer certain rights or claims that go beyond what is legally required in case the business owner or advertiser

failed to fulfill his part of the agreement.


Section 8 – Fulfillment:

1. The business owner will take the greatest care possible when assessing the application of services.


Section 9 – Additional or varying provisions:

Additionally, or from these terms and conditions, varying provisions may not be a disadvantage to the customer and

have to be in writing or in such a way that it can be stored easily by the consumer on a sustainable medium.

Qveam is not responsible for the supply of data of advertisers and the advertised on the site in the broadest sense.


Section 10- Intellectual property:

The intellectual property of the software needed for the services, provided on or used by our site, the content, the

information, and materials on our site are owned by Qveam unless otherwise stated.

Qveam retains the exclusive property of all rights of the website on which the services are offered.


Section 11-Miscellaneous:

These terms and conditions and the fulfillment of Qveam services are drawn up to the highest extent governed by

Dutch law. Any disputes arising from these terms and conditions are exclusively handled by the authorized courts

of  'sHertogenbosch, The Netherlands.