Search your location on any spot on the world
Nice and quiet look around without being overwhelmed with all the information and discounts, which are afterwards no discounts appear!
Find amazing accommodations 
And book them directly to gain more profit, because direct bookings are always the cheapest!
Enjoy & Relax
A hassle free stay is guaranteed!
Peter Buchmann
By book directly, on instance I pay 20% less than elsewhere.
These savings give me for example a "free" three course dinner at the hotel.
Thanks to Qveam it is now a lot easier to book directly.
Andre Long
Direct contact with the hotel makes ​​sure I get the morning served with a gluten-free breakfast.
No hassle with booking sites and travel agencies who knew afterwards supposedly nothing!
I will always look for a suitable accommodation through Qveam and book directly.
Paola di Benedetto
Due to my work, I am always on the road and often sleep at regular hotels.
Direct booking is always cheaper and now I am still a member of their loyalty club. 
This provides even more benefits.
Thanks to Qveam I now always consider the most advantageous and cheapest.
Sandra van Leur
This concept of Qveam is genius
I could never contacted directly via the well-known booking sites. 
I see now that I am once more beneficial in 89% of the bookings.
Let's go shopping! 
Daniella Winters
Through Qveam we had the vacation of our life! 
10 days at a luxury resort in the Maldives.
All I had to do was type our desired location and press the search button.
From there I had all possible accommodations with their original prices.
Piece of cake to book direct and much more cheaper then in the past through bookingsites.



Q: Who and what is Qveam?


   With almost 600.000 accommodations, Qveam is a new unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to promote your 

   hotel, guest room, camping center, or cottage on an aggregation site with a direct booking link to your own system.

= Book at the source is our philosophy =

Qveam is a website based on all in 1 recreation, 1 site for all kind of accommodation worldwide.

Hotels, Camping’s, B&B, Winter sports, Cruises, Diving vacations and more categories will be added during the next coming months.

Q: What is your goal?


Our goal is to create the easiest website to find any kind of vacation, business trip, and holiday for anyone.

No more searching dozen of websites regarding traveling, but an all in 1 and 1 for all concept.

In a few months, over 1.000.000 advertisers will have the opportunity to show what they have to offer to the consumer.

Q: Why should I become an advertiser at Qveam?


Because we believe in equal opportunity and therefor it's important that an advertiser can show it ALL: addresses, E-mail, phone numbers, prices, you name it, and we place it.

And not to forget the cheapest advertising space in the world, but most important: we provide you the most honest advertising space in the world.

You want to be found on the internet, you want your accommodation’s booked, and preferably as cheap as possible.

Q: What benefit is Qveam for me?


  • No provision/commissions;
  • Internet traffic directly to your site, so you can be found easier;
  • A direct link to your own booking system
  • You decide what is visible about your accommodation on our site
  • More profit per accommodation;
  • Equal opportunities, regardless of your budget
  • Uncluttered site with plenty of worldwide search possibilities
  • You are already on our site, after registration and payment, your links will be activated, so your client can book and pay you directly
  • No extra costs
  • No automatic charges
  • You manage your page with text, photos, prices, filters and lay-out

Q: I determine my own accommodation prices?


Yes, like mentioned above, we do not charge commission of any kind, and we do not use small lines.

Q: Is cheap pricing similar quality?


Yes, our appearance and performance is as good or even better as any booking- or comparison website.

Your registration on Qveam allows us to grow, and grow means development opportunities witch we will gratefully use to grow even bigger, bigger due cheap pricing.

This will also give us the chance to bring more service (advertising) to your accommodation, simple concept, professional outcome.

Q: As I search Qveam for my company, I see that I am already listed. Why should I pay?


You won’t have to pay, you decide yourself, but within 3 months after our contact with your office, the link at our website will be deactivated.

This will only result in less internet traffic to your site. (read as potential customer) Nevertheless, your competitor across the street has paid for 3 years. wink