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Peter Buchmann
By book directly, on instance I pay 20% less than elsewhere.
These savings give me for example a "free" three course dinner at the hotel.
Thanks to Qveam it is now a lot easier to book directly.
Andre Long
Direct contact with the hotel makes ​​sure I get the morning served with a gluten-free breakfast.
No hassle with booking sites and travel agencies who knew afterwards supposedly nothing!
I will always look for a suitable accommodation through Qveam and book directly.
Paola di Benedetto
Due to my work, I am always on the road and often sleep at regular hotels.
Direct booking is always cheaper and now I am still a member of their loyalty club. 
This provides even more benefits.
Thanks to Qveam I now always consider the most advantageous and cheapest.
Sandra van Leur
This concept of Qveam is genius
I could never contacted directly via the well-known booking sites. 
I see now that I am once more beneficial in 89% of the bookings.
Let's go shopping! 
Daniella Winters
Through Qveam we had the vacation of our life! 
10 days at a luxury resort in the Maldives.
All I had to do was type our desired location and press the search button.
From there I had all possible accommodations with their original prices.
Piece of cake to book direct and much more cheaper then in the past through bookingsites.


The more I avoid strange hotels, the more I get into them

Why? Well here is my story...


I am a businessperson with express service being my core business. I was going from Netherlands to Spain and I booked a single room in a hotel via a booking site. I drove to the hotel and after I had checked-in, the hotel manager came to me and we started talking. The conversation took a u-turn and we started talking about booking hotel rooms through booking sites, the manager told me that I could get commissions and part of the profit if I get affiliated with a booking site.


A new idea was born.                                                                              

The idea is to apply this to the hospitality industry and reap the profits.     


December 2015 The launch of Qveam is a fact.                        


Our philosophy:
We are straightforward with our business, and with sharing profits for all subscriber on our website.


Here is what you get!

We are friendly and are a service-focused booking site.
Our goal is to take our service-oriented business values and transfer the benefits to our esteemed clients.