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Peter Buchmann
By book directly, on instance I pay 20% less than elsewhere.
These savings give me for example a "free" three course dinner at the hotel.
Thanks to it is now a easier to book directly.
Andre Long
Direct contact with the hotel makes ​​sure I get the morning served with a gluten-free breakfast.
No hassle with bookingsites and travelagencies who knew afterwards supposedly nothing!
In addition the prices of breakfast are often not shown, to make it look cheap.
I will always look for a suitable accommodation through and book directly.
Paola di Benedetto
Due to my work, I am always on the road and often sleep at regular hotels.
Direct booking is always cheaper and now I am still a member of their loyalty club. 
This provides even more benefits.
Thanks to I now always consider the most advantageous.
Sandra van Leur
This concept of is genius
I could never contacted directly through the well-known booking sites. 
I see now that I am once more beneficial in 89% of the bookings.
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Daniella Winters
Through I booked the vacation of my life! 
10 days at a luxury resort in the Maldives.
All I had to do was type our desired location and press the search button.
From there I had all local accommodations with their original prices.


Our mission is that as many people as possible, can enjoy prosperity, pleasure and well-being.

Our vision is it will become more realistic if we share fairer terms.

By dividing the huge commissions, sometimes up to 30% of booking sites, we achieve fairer sharing.




How beautiful is it if you meet people with whom you can make life more valuable for each other and for others? 

And with these people from different families, being confronted with related "family challenges",

succeed  in solving  problems into opportunities.

Family members with distance and disadvantage to the labor market,

caregivers, but especially positive people who want to achieve a higher goal.

That’s us. That's

We are and we have become an enthusiastic organization

with a global offer of more than 500,000 overnight stays in our search engine. 




We are an online platform, you search through us and book directly at the overnight location.

This is called "book at the source" at a very low price. registered locations do not need to pay a commission fee for our services,

unlike the known booking sites.

Besides, you also do not pay a reservation fee to

for making a booking at an overnight stay.




The owners benefit from a fair nightly rate and high occupancy

rates for their rooms and overnight accommodation location.

Therefore, in cooperation with, promotions will be offered that are beneficial

to you and the owner and reduces the cost of the well-known booking sites.

If we all succeed in making successful,

then we are aiming to create a foundation fund that also allows

"less fortunate" to share in prosperity, pleasure and well-being.

That is our mission. will grow with your help and interest advertisers for our free platform.

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More and more overnight accommodation owners will fully register on

Ultimately, a worldwide commission free online platform and search engine for overnight stays will be available. 

In many cases, you can, among other things, use promotional codes / discount

codes at overnight stay locations on

This way, the saved commission fee will be made available to you. 

Our organization has a clear conviction, namely honest sharing.

For this we need you. You help us? We help you!